Our machines provide restaurant quality frozen margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas, mudslides, and other refreshing frozen drinks. Permanently attached to heavy duty moveable carts for easy and safe placement at your party, our machines run on 110 volt electricity and require at least a 15 amp dedicated circuit. All machines are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before we deliver them to your party. The Margarita Man's natural gourmet mixes are made with real fruit purees.
Margarita Man Provides:
You Provide:
•1 clean and sanitized machine DELIVERED to your event •2-3 liters of alcohol (if you choose)
•1 Gourmet mix (1 mix makes about 70 - 8 oz. drinks •Dedicated 15 amp circuit
•1 mixing container •Water
•Machine setup and mixing of first batch •Fruit/straws (optional)
•Clearly printed instructions for your next batch •Guests/Friends
•12 gauge extension cord (25 or 50 feet in length) •Time off from work
•Glass rimmer with salt •A Designated Driver
•Emergency contact number  
•Pickup and cleaning of machine  
•Lime Margarita flavor mix makes approx. 70 drinks. The other fruit flavors make approximately 50.  
•Extra Mix - $25.00 (No charge if unopened)  
Gift certificates are available! Call 1-732-863-1107 for seasonal offers, holiday pricing, and multiple day and/or multiple machine discounts. Prices vary depending on availability.

The Margarita Man recommends reserving your machine at least two weeks in advance. You should reserve at least a month in advance for the holiday season and traditional party dates like Halloween, New Year's Eve, and the Super Bowl. Call us at 1-732-863-1107 and reserve your machine(s) TODAY!
What we recommend for your party
0 - 50 Guests 1 Machine 1 to 3 Mixes
50 - 100 Guests 1 Machine 3 to 5 Mixes
100 - 150 Guests 2 Machines 5 to 8 Mixes
150 - 200 Guests 2 - 3 Machines 10 Mixes
200 or more? ... Contact us
Margarita Man also offers other rentals to help spice up your party such as:
•Popcorn Machine
•Hot dog cart
•10 x 10 EZ up tent
•Cotton Candy machine
•Nacho machines
•More coming soon...
Go to our order page to get a price quote on all of our rentals
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